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SQLite is a software library that implements a SQL database engine. It is has a very clean architecture and a high level of code quality. Because of this, SQLite packs a wide range of features in a surprisingly small binary, 250 kB for version 2 and 450 kB for version 3 with all optional extensions compiled in. The design and short code paths give SQLite excellent performance vis-a-vis other SQL databases.

The SQLite libray is designed to be used embedded in a larger application, or as a database on embedded or small devices, such as phones and PDA's. It is used in the Firefox browser, in PHP, in Apple's OS X, the Symbian operating system and several Google applications.

This site explores some routes to add "missing" features to the SQLite library, and explores to use the library as the core of a scalable, high performance web database. A two-step approach is used, where new functionality is proto-typed in the SQLite 2 code base, before being implemented in the highly optimised and continuously developed SQLite 3 code base.

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This site is a SQLite "fan site". This is not the home site of SQLite. The home site of SQLite is Please visit the SQLite home site for more information on this unique database.

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